Mittelland Route

Itinerary :

Day 1:  RORSCHACH - Wil (Münchwilen) 46 km
Get a taste of «Cider India» as you bike across: the route from Rorschach past the back lands of the lake and along the River Thur is one of the highlights, and not just during cider making time.

Day 2:  Wil - ZURICH / GLATTBRUGG 52 km
Do you know the Tösstal, the Rämismühle and the Kyburg? You‘ll find the answers along the way to Winterthur. Places not as widely known as Zurich‘s famous Bahnhofstrasse but gems for the cyclist to discover! If you have a penchant for hi-tech as well as nature, a guided tour around Zurich‘s international airport has a lot of exciting things to offer, viewed from up close.

Day 3:  Zurich - Aarau (Schönenwerd) 62 km
Watching planes landing and taking off, the Katzensee (Lake Pussycat), the thermal spa town of Baden, the Reuss valley to reach the ancient Roman city of Windisch with its Roman amphitheatre – and along the River Aare with its alternating modern and ancient settlements are all on the menu of today‘s route section.

Day 4:  Aarau - Solothurn / WANGEN 50 km
The wild course of the River Aare in the Mittelland region has been tamed in parts, but from time to time the river flows through unspoilt tracts of countryside with a rich variety of birds and vegetation and plant world thrives. The historic city centres of Aarau, Olten and Wangen are also worth a visit.
Tip:  Take a break in Solothurn and enjoy a canoe trip from Büren to Solothurn (also for beginners)

Day 5:  Solothurn - Biel 32 km
After visiting the picturesque Old Town of Solothurn and enjoying its street cafés, it‘s time to move on through the «Witi» nature reserve, to pay a visit to the stork colony in Altreu (seasonal).

Day 6:  Biel - Avenches (MURTEN, Neuchâtel) 50 km
Cyclists, make the most of the lovely unspoilt southern shore of Lake Biel. And as you cross the Broye canal by way of a new wooden foot and cycle bridge sponsored by the Rotary Club on the occasion of Expo, you will have also crossed the language border from the German-speaking to the French-speaking region of Switzerland. A short detour off the Mittelland Route to explore this medieval town of Murten.
Tip:  Along the regional route no. 50 to Neuchâtel and Yverdon (Top Class hotels in both cities available on request).

Day 7:  AVENCHES - YVERDON (Orbe, Grandson) 41 km
Avenches: This little city perched atop a hill overlooking the Broye Plains is throbbing with cultural activity in the summer months: open-air opera performances in the Roman amphitheater hosts, rock concerts, and the Musical Parade – a military music festival attracting military bands from all over Europe. The cycling route continues along Lake Neuchâtel, through the nature reserve of Grande Carissey to reach Yverdon-les-Bains.

Day 8:  Yverdon - Lausanne (Morges) 53 km
You traverse the «breadbasket of Switzerland » on flat trails (with uphill grade to La Sarraz) The route past Lake Geneva runs through the Venoge valley where the beaver has been successfully rehabilitated. The numerous remains of castles and fortresses remind us of what the bygone days must have been like.