Swiss Postbus Pass Tour

Experience the mountains up close!

Leave the mundane behind and head for lofty heights and spectacular sights with PostBus! The round-trips commence in Meiringen, Andermatt or Airolo – so it’s simply a case of choosing your departure point before embarking on a journey of a lifetime to view the breath-taking sights of the Central Alps mountain world.

Swiss-Postbus1Central Alps Passes: Furka–Grimsel–Susten Pass Route


From Andermatt, the spectacular Furka–Grimsel–Susten Pass Route leads over three mountain passes and three cantons on pass roads that open up views of breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscapes, quaint villages, deep valleys and more. 



 Swiss-Postbus2Central Alps Passes: Gotthard–Nufenen–Furka Pass Route


On the Gotthard–Nufenen–Furka Pass-Route you’re presented views of the majestic Alps in all their glory. Enjoy a 1-day trip, with no change of transport, from Andermatt over three of the most spectacular mountain passes, and witness the capturing beauty of the surrounding mountain world. 



Swiss-Postbus3Central Alps Passes: Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass Route


The Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass Route promises pure Alpine romance! On the 1-day round trip you ascend an overall 8000 meters distance, without changing transport, and enjoy stupendous views over the imposing glacier, deep valleys and romantic little villages.  



Swiss-Postbus4Central Alps Passes: Nufenen–Furka–Gotthard Pass Route


The Nufenen–Furka–Gotthard Route, departing from Airolo and leading over spectacular pass roads, introduces you to numerous magical sights at the heart of the Alp in just a day – and without having to change transport along the way.



Swiss-Postbus5Central Alps Passes: Susten–Furka–Grimsel Pass Route


In a single day, the Susten–Furka–Grimsel Pass Route from Meiringen takes you through deep valleys and high mountain passes to see the sights without having to change transport along the way. Sit back, relax and watch the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes at the heart of the Alps pass in front of your eyes!