Schilthorn Piz Gloria


"Piz Gloria" is the name of the scenic film mountain at 1300m above the traffic-free Mürren resort. And the scenery and panoramic views in front of the main alpine ridge are pretty impressive too.

The cable car from Stechelberg to the Lauterbrunnen Valley has travelled in four sections to the summit since 1967. And here the James Bond spirit is omnipresent, with the "Bond World 007" exhibition and introduction to the film shooting experienced still today at the revolving restaurant. 

Mountain trails from the Schilthorn lead back to the Kiental valley or to Mürren. And a particularly species-rich and lush mountain flora and flower path is typically viewed in the Poganggen, Schilttal, Blumental and Allmendhubel regions.


Altitude: 2970m


Train from Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen, Postbus to Stechelberg, cable car in four sections via Gimmelwald, Mürren and Birg to the Schilthorn; or from Lauterbrunnen cable car to the Grütschalp, narrow-gauge train to Mürren, on foot through the village (15 minutes) and cable car to the Schilthorn

View: Magnificent summit panorama from the Eiger to Blüemlisalp

Attractions: "On Her Majesty’s Service", James Bond 007

Culinary aspects: Revolving restaurant with sweeping views, James Bond Champagne-Breakfast, Spaghetti James Bond