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Dear Deepika,

I just wanted to say thank you for a most wonderful trip around Switzerland. It was so easy, well planned and absolutely lovely. From the comfortable, friendly hotels to the convenient, punctual and easy to navigate train system we couldn’t have had a better trip! There was not a single element that did not exceed our expectations- even with the rock slide on the Bernina express you were able to put us on the Palm express without any interruption in our itinerary. We truly appreciate the exceptional service we were given and speak highly of you and your company to all our friends.

We particularly enjoyed ending our trip with the parade and festivities of Sechseläuten even though the wind prevented the bonfire.


Martha Cushman Boyce ( and James too )

- Martha Ann Cushman & James William Boyce -  USA
April 2024

Dear Sir,

Feedback from trip in January of 23

WE had a glorious time in all of Switzerland from the time we left to the time we landed here at home, it is the trip my husband and I are still talking about.  I am still part of several groups on facebook that help others book travel to Switzerland and I tell everyone who we booked through and how easy the process was and much stress it took off my plate to work with such a wonderful company.  I can’t thank Christine enough for going above and beyond to make our trip of a life time just that.  My husband is terminally ill and Swiss Voyages has made not only his dreams come true but allowed me to watch him just be a kid again.. from the Lindt Chocolate factory, to the top of Mt. Titlis, Glacier Express, to the top of Europe, the food, the train rides, each hotel was PERFECT nothing wasn’t, and EVERYTHING WAS! The pumpkin soup was divine and truffles were to die for. Desserts on every corner and yes the evening came and just when I didnt think i could be any more perfect the snow came and there it was the perfect picture of what i was wanting… EVERYTHING and more. I dont know how i can ever say anything other than it was the best trip ive ever taken in my life, and thank you for help making it happen. This is probably my favorite photo of us just in the moment and loving how happy we are doing what he loves being on a train.. Thank you Christine & Swiss Voyages for everything.. Hopefully we will get to travel with you again…

Christy & Robin Street

Hohenwald, TN USA

- Christy & Robin Street -  USA
Jan 2023

Dear Sir,

Once more, our very cordial thanks for your excellent planning of our "life trip". We are delighted for all arrangements, superb hotels, excursions, etc. We were able to effect seven hiking excursions. We attemped to ascent on Breithorn from Klein Matterhorn, but it was very foggy, poor visibility, heavy wind 90 km/h, below zero centigrade, and practically all serious alpinists gave up, regarding very hard conditions. Who knows - maybe the next time the weather will be more favourable?

The folk show(Swiss Folklore Dinner Show) was very impressive...Even they highlighted us as "golden" guests... It was also another couple celebrating "golden anniversary".


We – Marek and Oksana Pietraszkiewicz – are great fans of high mountains activities. My wife was inspired by Polish TV programs about scenic famous trains in different countries, and one was particularly impressive about Swiss trains. She suggested to make a “Trip of Life” to Switzerland to celebrate in this way our 50th wedding anniversary. We started planning this trip one year ahead, and quickly we realised that it will be impossible to arrange everything by ourselves, or even by Polish Travel Agencies. Thus, the only option was to ask “Swiss Voyages”, a brand of Swiss Travel Bureau GmbH –Switzerland, to set up this trip in all details. Our trip – two weeks – was not the standard option. We wanted to travel across Switzerland by several “panoramic” trains, but also to stop in St. Gallen, Mürren, Montreux, Zermatt, St. Moritz, Lugano and Luzern.

The trip schedule was perfectly designed by Mr Sunil Kak, who advised us the most interesting options. Thus, on June 10th, 2023 we landed in Zurich, and got to St. Gallen afternoon. In St. Gallen the Old Town is the place of interest. Nice old buildings, squares, and the evening “life” concert impressed us very much. The next day we headed to Luzern by Prealpine Express with fantastic views of mountainous landscape and the lakes. In Luzern we changed the train to Interlaken Ost, then to Lauterbrunnen, Grütschalp and Mürren. The hotel “Eiger” in Mürren is managed by local family, and is very friendly. The view from Mürren is fantastic: all three famous peaks are visible, if weather is good. It was an excellent atmosphere and superb services. Mürren was the base of our hiking activities. We expected snow on higher altitudes, so we were equipped adequately: crampons, rope, harnesses, winter sticks. Piolets turned out t be useless, as this snow was very soft. We remember our activity in Switzerland 29 years ago, and at that time snow in June/July was very hard in the morning. Actually, this is no longer the case.

First excursion was on Mänlichen by train and cable car, and then walk to Kleine Scheidegg. It was easy path with fantastic view on Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. The next day we visited First from Grindelwald, and Bachalp See, partly covered by ice. The next day we planned to get on Schilthorn by cable car and to descent to Mürren. It turned out to be impossible, all trails down were closed, due to the snow and heavy ground works outside the Pic Gloria Restaurant. We went down, left our climbing stuffs, and arranged nice walk to “Flower Park” and to Grütschalp via blossoming meadows. It was fantastic, sunny day…The last excursion was to visit Jungfraujoch and Mönch Hütte. We got to Kleine Scheidegg by train, and the next train to Jungfraujoch. The weather was good, so we enjoyed to see fantastic glaciers and peaks. A lot has changed on these glaciers since our former visit 29 years ago. New, big crevasses, huge seracs on the slope of Mönch. We got to Mönch Hütte in 90 min.

The next day we travelled by “Golden Pass Express” to Montreux. Montreux is a nice city, particularly the sidewalk along the lake was picturesque – a lot of exotic trees, flowers, and plants were catching eyes. We visited also Chillon Castle.

From Montreux we headed to Zermatt. It was our first time to be there. We planned three excursions. We decided not to hike vie Charles Kuonen Bridge, due to warm weather and remarkable denivelation. Instead, we went to Blauherd by cable car, and descended to Sunnega, with fantastic views on the way. The next day we effected Gornergrat, but the planned way back was closed, due to an excessive snow on the trail. So, we selected easier way down to Rotenboden, and we had to hurry up, as a heavy storm was approaching.

The next day we took a cable car to Klein Matterhorn. In this case we had no luck: heavy wind, 90 km/h, temperature below zero Celsius, and very foggy. Visibility was a few meters. Practically, all serious climbers gave up the ascent on Breithorn…Maybe, we will be more lucky the next time?

The rest of our time we spent on traveling on the boards of famous trains, looking for fantastic scenery and landscapes. We stopped in St. Moritz for one night, then in Lugano – very nice city, then in Luzern, also very impressive city. The folk show was fantastic! There was also another couple, celebrating their “Golden Anniversary”. The next day we had enough time to make a short tour to see the places of interest, and in the afternoon we headed to Zurich Airport.

It was fantastic adventure in all respects! We consider to visit Swiss Alps in a near future, concentrating on two places: Mürren, one week, and Zermatt, one week. Our observation: it is better to be for the first two weeks of July, because most of the snow will melt down, and the trails will be open, and safer. Important message for travellers: the Swiss Travel Pass is a very excellent solution, making traveling easy and comfortable.

Marek and Oksana Pietraszkiewicz,

Great fans of Swiss Alps

- Marek and Oksana Pietraszkiewicz - Poland
Jun 2023

Hi Deepika

It's a wonderful working with you.

Everything well planned and goes smoothly and doesn't made feel enough that it's our first trip to Zurich.

Thanks again for your assistance amd guidance throughout.

Have a nice evening ahead and do take care.

With Regards

Ashok Chawdhary

- Ashok Kumar Chawdhary - Singapore
Jun 2023

Hi Deepika,

We made it back to our home country of Singapore after getting stuck in London for an extra night as a storm in London delayed many flights & Heathrow was in a chaos. So we missed our connecting flight. Our luggage was also delayed & returned a day after we arrived home. But all's well now!

We want to thank you for planning a good trip for us in Switzerland. All in, it was tiring being away for 3 full weeks with our time in Switzerland being in the 2nd part of that. But we enjoyed the wonderful scenary & have no complaints about the hotels you chose. We got accustomed to the public transport in each city & found the hotels convenient & with good service. Your instructions were mostly very clear and easy to follow. Being able to check with you for questions along the trip was very helpful too.

Lugging our suitcases around was not too great though but I guess it was unavoidable as we wanted to see so much of the different parts of the country. We might consider going on packaged tours next time so someone else takes care of the manual work.

We just wanted to tell you we had a good time & thank you again for your support.

If you could help us with the refund of the unused activities for First Mountain & the over payment for the Matterhorn that would be just great!

Best regards,


- LIM LI NA LYNETTE - Singapore
Jun 2023

Hey Deepika.

Just a few words of thanks for the wonderfully planned trip through Switzerland.  I know that I took up some time in the planning but in the end, you met or exceeded all of my criteria.  The material relative to train travel and trip organization was perfect.  All relevant material clear.  The hotel bookings were fantastic in terms of location…balconies; view etc.  your resolution of a lost hotel booking was swift and accommodating.  I could go on….everything was great!!!

These days, independent booking of travel via Expedia is easy.  Travel agents need to prove their value to justify the added cost.  You proved your value in many ways.  No one complains about price when value is delivered.

Thank you.  You might want to start thinking about something that involves Lugano and northern Italy for our next year adventure



- Warren Joseph White - Canada
May 2023

Hello Deepika,

We have just ended our journey in Switzerland and we are So grateful TO you and your team.

We have enjoyed every moment. The detailed itineraries and train schedules were perfect and very helpful.

Thanks TO you and your team, everything was made easy for us:

- Hotels were all very nice, clean and comfortable and from walking distance from the train stations.

- Booking had already been made for us for Hotels and excursions.

We won’t hesitate TO Highly recommend you TO our contacts and friends.

Claire & Pierre,

Longueuil, CANADA

- Claire Dufresne - Canada
May 2023

Dear Deepika and Sunil,

On behalf of the group, I want to express our heartfelt thanks to you for organising a fun-filled and memorable holiday experience for us in Germany. We all had a great time touring the different cities in Germany and had learnt much more about the country than in our history classes. On top of all the beautiful pictures we had taken, our memories will stay and hopefully will bring us back in the future.

We have just completed our German tour today and have been transferred to Zurich to start our second part of the tour, Switzerland. A lot to look forward to.

Best regards,



Dear Sunil,

Now that we had completed our tour in Switzerland and our members have already returned to their sweet homes safely, I want to express our heartfelt thanks to you and your team for helping us to fulfill our dream trip satisfactorily and smoothly.

Switzerland is an amazing country with breathtaking natural beauty. The snow peaks are stunning, the cable cars and mountain rails are awesome, the lakes are beautiful and the little villages/ towns are charming. Though weather was not perfect, we had enjoyed every single moment of our holiday and had had a wonderful time in Switzerland. Thank you for organising that.

Please help to pass on our thanks to all your team who had been involved in organising our itinerary and bookings. Their attention to details are excellent. We are amazed by the precise time schedule and found it extremely helpful.

The trip has ended but sweet memories stay forever. We have all bought home a lot of fun memories.

Best wishes,


- Chi Fun Choi & the Group - Hong Kong/Australia/Canada/UK
May 2023

Dear Christine

We have just return home after an enjoyable holiday in Switzerland.

I would like to thank you for a well planned trip for all of us. The hotels are close to the train terminals and they are all easy to locate.

We are glad that we do not have to disturb you for additional info when we were there.

once again, we thank you.

Regards from Thong family.

- TEO CHEN THONG - Singapore
Apr 2023

Dear Christine,

We want to thank you for the perfect and very detailed schedule arrangement you have planned for us, everything was well organised!
Thank you for making our honeymoon a wonderful experience!
Although one of the activities got cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions still we had a super great time in Switzerland, we were able to get to experience everything in our favour. It’s a beautiful country!
Will definitely recommend You/Swiss Voyages to anyone who’s visiting Switzerland.
Once again, thank you so much for everything! Cheers and take care!

Let me know the bank details I have provided previous email is good for the refund?
Thank you.

Best regards,
Ashley Tay

- ASHLEY TAY - Singapore
Feb 2023

Hi Deepika,

Sorry for my late reply. Our whole trip has been full on from the beginning with so many new places to see and experiences to have. Very busy. We are now in Norway coming to the end of our arctic cruise and about to enter Finland and head to Helsinki and then home.

Our experiences on the Swiss part of our holiday will be forever be a highlight of all of our overseas holidays. The stunning scenery on every part of the train trips were simply breathtaking with the Bernina slightly surpassing the Glacier Express due to a greater covering of snow. Each of the villages we stayed in were delightful and so different to anything we could experience at home, even in our own snowfields. Each hotel was a wonderful place to stay with all staff ever willing to help and guide us as we needed.

Your excellent organisation and careful planning of each step of the way and your patience in answering all of my questions along the way made every step flow smoothly and made the trip the great success that it was.

Thank you so much.



Jan 2023

Dear Christ

Firstly , thank YOU very much.
When we first made contact you suggested it would be a very cramped visit and it was.
The hotels Bristol, Soldenella, Bristol were all pleasant and met our needs for a place to sleep comfortably and all had good showers. One comment that shower stalls are much easier than tub conversions.
Breakfasts were standard fare.
Room sizes were good Sandanella exceeded our needs and was very enjoyable.
The Glacier Express was superb and all Swiss trains were very very good.
The station in Budapest was confusing with Zero information available and no assistance found.
The Night Jet from Zurich went well and we were comfortable.
One more thank you.
As a final comment as this was our first experience with your company I found not being able to use a Credit Card cumbersome but perhaps in the future👍
Best Regards
Don Godard
Aug 2022

Dear Christine,
We had a great vacation time in Switzerland and were very happy about the hotels you've booked for us and the detailed itinerary. Please see our response below.

Booked Hotels. Any specific hotel that left positive impression :
We are happy about all three hotels we stayed, can't really say which one is better because they all have their own uniqueness. But my daughters love the one in Weggis the most.

Your favorite Excursion :
I would say our favorite excursion would be Mount Palatus, we did some fun activities in the middle of the mountain and my daughters loved the zipline and climbing activities (didn't included in your itinary but we stopped by and tried it). Also we love the tikit bike ride on Grindlewald, but a lot of other activies were sold out because we arrive early afternoon.

Your favorite city : Weggis

Travel Consultant : Christine

Please take time & share your best memory of your trip to Switzerland .
Everyday was great during our trip in Switzerland, we were very happy about the itinerary suggested and we hit almost all of them and maybe a little more, we love traveling by public transportation on Swiss Pass, which allows us the opportunity to get a feel of the local lifestyle. Switzerland is such a beautiful country and we will definitely be back! Thanks so much for working with me so patiently before during our planning stage, really appreciate it!

Aug 2022

Hi Alex!

We safely arrived home yesterday, i want to thank you for the nice schedule you have arranged for us , we have a grand time going around those places and are not pressured by time. Switzerland indeed is a very beautiful and gifted country, will surely endorse your company . Thsnk you !

-MS. Aurora Go Ng & Mr. Lino N Ng - Phillippine
June 2022

Hi Sonal

Thank you for your good arrangements for our stay/holiday when we were in Switzerland recently.

Even though it was a self guided tour, but with your good reference and proper arrangements we enjoyed our holidays in Switzerland without any problems or obstacles. Switzerland is indeed a beautiful country & all the sceneries & natural beauties gave us good memories.

I wish to find out if you also do Scandinavian Tours because we plan to visit Sweden with the hope of seeing the Northern Light this winter. Or if you can refer us to any travel agent for our coming trip, we plan to be in Sweden around Mid November for 10 days.

Looking forward to your kind assistance once again.

Thank you



-Hapsah Binte Ahmad - Singapore
Jul 2022

Dear Alka,

Just arrived home. I'd like to thank you very much for your organisation of my trip. I was amazing, everything was well done.

I hope we can do anothers with you and your respective company in the future.

Thanks & best Regards

Hazem Allam

-Hazem Allam - Egypt
Feb 2020

Dear Deepika,

Thank you for your email.

In general, we did good on the trip, thanks to you.

The only thing I would change is to omit the cheese factory and the Cailler chocolate factory. Especially the Cailler cinema was very disappointing and boring. Also, perhaps it would be better to visit cheese factory in Interlaken since we were in Interlaken.

We changed Schilthorn for Geneva because I cannot resist visiting a French speaking city. We spent 3 hours in Geneva went around the lake...happy we did that.

One part of Jungfraujoch top of Europe was closed for maintenance.

Glacier paradise Matterhorn was closed due to strong winds.

The *crystal glass base cable car *?? was also not running due to maintenance.

However, we were blessed with beautiful weather. 😇😇

We panic a few times but your after sales support was great. We really appreciated that. We would recommend your services to our friends.

My question is : do you also deal with other parts of Europe? Like Austria, France, Italy....?

Thank you. GOD BLESS!!

Joanne Yap

-Joanne Yap - Canada 
Oct 2019


Just a note to let you know that the Brosnahans and Hesslers had a wonderful tour of your beautiful country.  We believe that Switzerland if the most beautiful country we’ve visited, thanks in large part to the tour that Swiss Voyages arranged for us.

We enjoyed the hotel accommodations—particular the staff at the hotels who went out of their way to give us excellent local advice.  And we will never forget the special beauty of Mount Titlis, the Matterhorn and Jungfraujoch.  We made all of our train connections, and loved riding the trains and using the Swiss Travel Pass.

Thank you again for a vacation that we will never forget.

Warm regards,

Hal & Kim Hessler

-Hal & Kim Hessler - 
Nov 2019

Hi Deepika,

On behalf of my family members, we would like to say a big thank you for your service 🙂 We truly appreciate your quick turnaround time in responding to our queries and your assistance in trying to meet our needs. It is a memorable trip to us and we would recommend your agency to our friends in future 🙂


Mei Wen

-Mei Wen - 
Sep 2019

Hi Deepika

We have had a Lovely holiday in Switzerland. Everything has run very smoothly. We both really appreciate all the time you put in to our itinerary. We cannot thank you enough. It has been a real thrill to ride on some of The worlds most famous train journeys. Our favourite hotel was the Dante, and all of the hotels have been most enjoyable. We are both grateful that we decided to book through Swiss Travel Bureau.

Many thanks,

Deborah and Barry

-Deborah and Barry - 
Oct 2019

Hey Deepika,

I enjoyed the tour very much, especially Gotthard Panorama Express, Zermatt & the Matterhorn.  The Jungfrau excursion was too crowded in summer but I don't know how you can escape that.  Didn't care for the Bernina Express but I can see it is a way to get from point A to point B.  All the hotels were more than adequate - staff were so polite about the lack of air conditioning in Lucerne & provided 2 fans.  I was quite comfortable being alone except maybe near the train station in Zurich.  You might add a "North" arrow on maps.

July 2019

Hi Sonal,

We are already back in Zurich for our flight home in the morning.

I thought you would appreciate some feed back.

We had to contact the driver today (Tasch to Zurich) as he was late and couldn't find the train in Tasch. My phone does not work here but one of the coach drivers helped us to contact the driver. He had no idea where he was going. When we arrived at the hotel he wanted 450 swiss francs. We told him it was already paid for. It was a bit of a problem but he finally agreed. That is the negative.

Everything else went very well. The hotels were in great locations and no problems with the trains. It was very helpful to have the platform number listed. The pick up when we arrived was easy and our driver for the 2 days, Waheed, was excellent.

Beautiful country. Lucern was our favourite.

Thank you for arranging everything for us.

Denise Weishar

-Denise Weishar - 

Hello Sonal.

My husband and I just returned from our holiday in Switzerland and I wanted to send you a quick thank you.

Our trip was brilliant.  Everything was just as we expected and we had a fantastic time.  The hotels were all comfortable and clean with wonderful employees and good breakfasts.  Some were better than others, but all were in convenient locations and met, or exceeded our expectations.

Traveling with the Swiss Pass, 1st class made everything so easy.  Trains were efficient and comfortable, we took boats in Lucerne and Lugano and took many funiculars, gondolas, town busses etc and even went to a couple of great museums that were all covered with the pass.

The Swiss people were all very helpful and the food and wine were spectacular.  We had PERFECT weather and did many hikes (including your suggestions).

Thank you again for your help in planning our unforgettable vacation.


Margaret Parshenov

-Margaret Parshenov - 

Dear Deepika,

Really appreciated your support throughout our 5 day trip, especially when you acceded in our last minute request to cancel the Grindelwald day trip due to the inclement weather. Truly exceptional service!!

Thanks once again!
Carole and Susan
- from Singapore

-MS. Carole Chow Shuk Yeng & Ms. Woo Meng Fong - Singapore
August 2019

Hi Andrea,
Our trip went very well overall. Thank you for putting everything together and being so responsive during this process. The tickets were all valid and the hotels were excellent for the most part 🙂

Here's some feedback for you:
- It would be helpful to spell out that the Swiss Pass actually takes you everywhere, and the other tickets in the folder are for seat reservations. Also, it's best if its pointed out in an example with different colors which platform to get to for each train, and which car number to get into.
- We did request 4 or 5-star accommodations for each location. I do understand that because of some issues, you weren't able to find one in Montreux. We were not very pleased with the hotel in Montreux as they placed us on the 1st floor and didn't have A/C so we didn't want to leave the window open at night. Let's just say we sweat through the night when sleeping because of this, and thus didn't have a pleasant experience.
- It would also be useful to give out some more information on what kind of excursion is available on the Swiss Pass. For example, we got 50% off on tickets to go up to Gornegrat in Zermatt and we got a free Boat Cruise in Lucerne because of the Swiss Pass.

Again, thank you for putting everything together. We had a wonderful time 🙂


Mr.Syed S  Rashid - U.S.A
August 2019

Hi Andrea
We had an amazing trip. The panoramic train was awesome. The steamboat from Fluelen to Lugano was so picturesque, we thought we may hear “Heidi” singing any minute. We swam at the Lido at lake Lugano and jumped in from the floating dock and diving board.
Lucerne was beautiful. We saw the lion monument (very touching).
The excursion to Mt Titlis was spectacular. We snow tubed and tobogganed!
In Interlaken we took the funicular up the mountain where our view was between 2 lakes!
My favourite town was Zermatt. The Matterhorn is majestic. We changed the date on the Gornergrat excursion to Friday evening so that we could also do Klein Matterhorn Saturday morning before we had to leave. Both excursions were amazing and well worth it! We hiked a small trail at the top of Gornergrat and saw mountain bikers riding down! We hiked down to the glacier lake at the base of the Matterhorn and I stood in the water (brrrr) we saw the mountain reflection in the lake -breathtaking!
Could’ve stayed in Zermatt another night (fried but no vacancy due to marathon).
Thanks for all your help with the Swiss portion of our vacation, we had an amazing time with great weather and awesome sites. Great job Andrea! Highly recommend you

-Ms. Marylou Boileau - Canada
July 2019

AFC Holidays
Group Name:  Mr Reddy and Family

Hi Deepika,

Thank you for arranging the services for my group ! My clients were very happy with the driver as well the vehicles provided for the tours and transfers.

Look forward confirming more services with you in future.

Kind Regards


-Mr. Srinivas Reddy Bandan c/o AFC Holidays - Dubai
July 2019

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for your email. The trip was beyond wonderful!!!! It was fantastic in every way! Every aspect of the trip worked out without a hitch. Your country is extraordinarily beautiful and we will definitely be back next year. We will be using your services again to see another part of Switzerland. We plan on bringing some other family members with us. We will be in touch.

Best regards,


Mr. Dahila Robinson - U.S.A
July 2019

Dear Alka,

Apologies for the delay in responding.

The tour totally exceeded my expectations.
Everything was well organized to the tee!!
From Day 1 when I arrived, the tour guide came to welcome me but unfortunately I was not there so he left a welcome note.
Fact that we didn’t have to carry the suitcases at any point during the tour was amazing!
The guide Phillipe was exceptionally good, very knowledgeable!
The bus was super comfortable and beautiful! The driver gave us a comfortable ride completely safe a joyful.
The choice of hotels was a nice balance to give us a luxurious experience as part of the tour.
I was very lucky to attend a live jazz festival in Lugano under the stars!! Absolutely beautiful!!

Btw I completely fell in love with the country!! You’re very blessed to live there!! My highlights driving across the Alps - absolutely amazing scenery, the meandering roads - unbelievable!! the Geneva lake, St Moritz - seeing the “most” expensive hotel in Switzerland, the Palace, Zermatt - loved the hotel and seeing Matterhorn with my eyes , the Zürich boat ride, Lugano and crossing over to Italy Lake Como, Lichtenstein castle. Just about everything was amazing!!

I must also thank you for your excellent service, your responsiveness, you really made this trip a joy to undertake.

Please keep me posted on any tours that may be interesting.

Kind regards

-MS. Charity Tladi - South Africa
July 2019

Hi Andrea,
We had a wonderful time on our vacation in Switzerland. Thank you for all your recommendations and assistance. The railway was easy to use and hotels were all first class. Every place was beautiful and the people were all so nice and helpful. Again, than you for your help and we hope to come back soon.

Ms.Kim Monroe - U.S.A
July 2019

Hi, Deepika,  thanks very much for your email.  I came back safely on July 18, 2019, with lots of unforgettable memories.

I was so impressed by world number one Swiss mountain beauty, train punctuation, hotel management, the niceties of the friendly Swiss people, and the excellent well-organization of the whole Swiss system!

The 15 days in Switzerland is a wonderful experience in my life and I will never forget it.  Although my body came back to New York, my mind still resides in the beautiful mountains of the Switzerland.  I constantly dream that I was still hiking in Allmendhubel flower trail, walk in sunny days from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren and ramble from First to Bachalpsee....Your choice of my stay in Wengen for five nights is fabulous, because I loved and enjoyed it so much!  I even took the cable car ride from Wengen to Mannlichen and witnessed the beautiful Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau views while hiking from Mannlichen to Scheidegg....

Thanks very much for your wonderful job in making my second trip to Switzerland so successful!  I liked the itinerary you made, the hotels, vouchers, and Swiss travel pass.  They have given me so much freedom in traveling wherever I wanted to go.  I think I have traveled quite a large part of Switzerland this time under your expertise guidance itinerary.  That amazing Mont Blanc express train ride was so impressive and jaw dropping.  The chocolate train trip and the le Gruyères cheese factory visit made everybody in that group exciting and happy.  We all came back full handed with lots of chocolate and cheese bought in that town.  Oh, that Swiss folklore show and dinner you arranged for me!  They are absolutely fantastic and unforgettable!

I think your design and arrangement of the whole trip is very professional, scientific, versatile, detailing and considerate.  There’s no doubt that you have established a wonderful model for self-guided journeys in Switzerland.  I told all my friends about you and they are also fascinated by the trip you created for me.  A friend of mine saw my posts on the social media and wrote to me:  Your beautiful pictures have ignited my desire to want to visit Switzerland to see the beauties with my own eyes....

Your hard working, professionalism and after-sale support deserve my highest praise.  I appreciated everything you did for me from the bottom of my heart.  Thanks very much again and my best wishes to you and your company!

Your customer,

Sherry Shao

-Ms. Sherry Shao - U.S.A
July 2019

Dear Andrea, Thank you for your respond . As you know i am very poor in operating the email, some times i don't how to reply your letter...if there is a blue reply button , it will make me easy to reply. It is almost ten days after i come back ;but sweet memories of traveling in Switzerland still lingered on. Every night before i sleep, the image of beautiful scenery just appeared. I can't believed that i have reached my dream land. Thank you again to Madam Andrea and the excellent team to make my great journey comes true. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Thank Sow Eng.

p/s. Sorry ..i didn't realised i have send earlier letter hanging like that. Tq. Bye. Tse

-MS. Thank Sow Eng - Malaysia
June 2019

Hi Andrea. Back in South Africa safe and sound. We had a fantastic trip to Switzerland and want to thank you for your very detailed and through arrangements. From all your highlighting details, all the options, platform details all helped to make this a memorable trip. Peter and Sue Page

-MS. Susan Jane Page - South Africa
June 2019

Hi Alka,

Good day and nice to hear from you. We really enjoyed our stay in Switzerland.

The first 2 days was a bit gloomy (drizzle) and could not really enjoy Jungfrau. The journey by train to Jungfrau was interesting but each time when we changed train we got wet a bit. From the train the view outside was not very clear due to the weather. We did go to the 11,333ft point but could not get out due the inclement weather. When we set down in one of the restaurant to have food we could feel something probably due to the altitude and reduced oxygen. The ice carvings were beautiful but it was crowded inside and was difficult to take photographs. On the whole it was an experience going up to the mountain by train. The city hotel in Interlaken was good, but again due to the weather we did not explore much of the town.

After 2 nights in Interlaken, we travelled to Lucerne and the journey was scenic. We stayed in Ibis styles hotel. Very friendly staff. We did walk around and see some parts of Lucerne such as Lion Monument, Chapel bridge etc. We enjoyed the trip to mount Titlis. We could go out at the top and walked the sky bridge and walked on the snow. Weather was good and the journey up to Titilis and return was scenic.
We stayed one extra night in Lucerne just to walk around and sit on the bench along the lake and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and watch the swan on the lake etc. We enjoyed our stay in Lucerne. Next day we took the train in the morning to Zurich to board the train to Budapest. This journey was also beautiful with the snow capped mountains along the route.

Train journey in Switzerland was very good and the trains were punctual. We do not regret the trip we made to Switzerland.

I must say that the food and accommodation is expensive in Switzerland. We may comeback and visit other places in Switzerland and stay longer if we can find some reasonably priced accommodation such as apartments where we can prepare our own food etc. Swiss Frank is strong hence the cost of living I suppose.

Thank you Alka for all your assistance. I may link you/Swiss Voyages to any one who is interested to visit Switzerland.

God bless you and you take care.
Maria Soosa Francis

-MR. Maria Soosa Francis - Malaysia
June 2019

"Submitted by the booking agency Travel Savour - Doha on behalf of the guest traveler"

Dear Andrea

Our guests are very happy with the arrangements and services provided. They gave us good feedback about the service.

We, travel savour, would like to continue the business with you



-MR. Prabeesh Keezhathra   c/o  TRAVEL SAVOUR - Doha - Qatar
June 2019

Dear Alka

Our holiday was excellent. The itinerary was carefully planned and well balanced. Our booking was easy together with informative booklet collected from train station. Most of our queries were properly and promptly handled by you, Alka. Onboard train seats allocations were arranged nicely and never disappointed. If there would be a second round of trip to Switzerland, definitely will engage you, Alka and Swiss Voyages again. For sure, we are recommending Swiss Voyages to our family and friends.
Thank you so much Alka.

Shiou Meng (co-traveler)

-Mr. Lim Kim Hong - Singapore
May 2019

Dear Alka,

Thank you for your above email,
Regarding our trip to Switzerland, we want to thank you firn this amazing itinerary,
Everything was well organized and well timed,We really love spending time in such country,

To begin bu Luzern, the hotel was very good and the location as well, the staff were very informative and helpful,
You won't need my feedback on this wonderfull city i suppose 🙂

We moved to St.Moritz we were lucky to receive a room with an amazing view of the lake and mountain as the hotel was full, It was a very beautiful hotel with lovely staff and Good breakfast, But the hotel was bit far up the hill :p

Then we tried the Glassier Express to Zermatt,
Sincerely its a very long experience (8hrs in a train) its nit too much, but the service and the food were very good and tatsy And not to forget the sceneries were just incredibly unique!!

The hotel in zermatt was veru Cozy and close,the weather didn't helped us a lot in our excursions,it was very foggy and rainy, Actually in both our excursions in luzern and Zermatt the high mountains the weather up was very foggy and rainy but it was still a good trip up there,

Then for Interlaken,
The hotel reception was very bad, unhelpful and if they do they were very rude and unpolite excluding the lovely man in the night shift, We couldnt sleep well because of the sound in the room above us, we didnt like the stay in interlaken im the hotel because of the staff, But the region was amazing and rich in activities, The train trips were very good and so much organized by yourself, Finally i want to thank you for your lovely work and amazing services really from the first email till the last,  You made our trip very easy and pleasant,

Keep the hard work and hope to deal woth you again soon, may be to ( geneva,zurich and Bern) the next time 🙂

Best Regards

Sayed Tabar

-MR. Sayed Tabar - Qatar
May 2019

Hi Alka,

Apologies. I went on another trip after coming back from switzerland.

Anyway, everything went accordingly as planned and wanted to thank tou for arranging everything for us. Although there are some details I wished we could have done better.

1. Van - was a bit cramped for us. It was just enough for 8 pax but with the luggages there was no room to move around. We even had to put some luggages beside some at the 3rd row.

2. I like the locations of the hotel. I do wish we could have gotten rooms with a view.

All in all good experience 😉

Thanks again for everything Alka!

-Ms. Khristine Anne Que - Philippines
May 2019

Dear Andrea,

We had a wonderful trip.  We are very glad we choose the Swiss Voyages 11 day rail tour.  Swiss railroads amazed us, our route took us through many very different but always interesting and beautiful parts of Switzerland, and we never tired of the vistas.  Our hotels (we choose the three star option for our tour) were all located conveniently in interesting downtown neighborhoods.  The hotel rooms ranged from modern to charmingly old fashioned, and all were very comfortable.  We can’t say enough good things about the breakfasts served at our hotels every morning – very high quality and well prepared.


William Fuentevilla

-MR. William Fuentevilla - United States of America

 May 2019

Hi Deepika

We would like to say thank you for your arrangement of our train tour package , we really enjoyed this trip.

Best Regards


-MR. Khye Swee Tan - Malaysia

 May 2019

Dear Alka,

Firstly let me tell you that the arrangement you have made for us for the whole trip was excellent and we are so so grateful for the wonderful service that you have provided to us from booking until the completion of the trip.

All the hotels were first class and my friends enjoyed the train tour so much that they missed the train whenever they have to get off the train! Despite all the lugging of the luggage to and fro the train station.

I will be recommending you to any of my friends who want to plan a trip to Switzerland! We loved your country and the beautiful landscape and promised to return in 3 years for another holiday!

The Glacier Express Excellence experience was really special and the 8 hours passed by too quickly and definitely the highlight of our trip.

No worries about the small hiccup at the Matterhorn as you have more than made up for it by making the last minute Jungfrau arrangement for me. Appreciate it so much cuz the crowd was huge on that day. We enjoyed the Pilatus and Matterhorn a lot though I would not recommend the Klien Matterhorn due to the high altitude. Maybe Gornegrat may be more palatable to Asians in generally as they normally do not realize if they can cope with such high altitude.

Do you need me to give you my account's details for the refund? I will provide you the account details tomorrow so that you can process the refund. Just update and inform me once you have effected the refund.

Thank you once again for making this trip one of the best experience for myself and our group.

Christine Chan

-Ms. Christine Chan - Malaysia

 April 2019

"Submitted by the booking agency El Ajouz Travel-Lebanon on behalf of the guest traveler"

Dear Deepika

I would like to thank you for the professional services you provided for my client, and would like to share below his feedback

"Regarding my trip in Switzerland, I can easily confirm it was one of the most enjoyable tours I have ever done. Once arrived at the airport, I easily found my way to the arrival counter where I collected all my tour documents. The Swiss Travel pass ticket granted me 7 free transfers between cities which was more than enough. The railway departure/arrival system is so easy to get used to. Furthermore, I enjoyed all the activities listed in my itinerary, also the optional ones (Such as Pilatus in Lucerne, Harder Kulm in Interlaken, First in Grindelwald). Luckily, traveling in late April allowed me to witness both sides of Switzerland: the snow on the mountains and the green scenery of its rural areas. The hotels were fairly comfy and close to train stations (few minutes by foot) and Halal restaurants can be easily found.

Overall, it was a very successful and memorable journey and thank you so much Farah for making it possible."

-MR. Hassan Bassam  c/o  EL AJOUZ TRAVEL - Lebanon

 April 2019

Dear Deepika,

Thank you for your detailed planning of our tour, we had a fantastic and seamless journey.  We thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Russel and Andre we both great, helpful and informative.  We felt comfortable and safe with their driving and enjoyed their guidance and commentary.  The Bern guide was also friendly and gave us a very insightful tour of Bern.

We really like the Hotel Daniela that you'd recommended in Zermatt.  NH Hotel was really nice too except it is too far away from the center of things.

The only comment I have would be that the schedule indicated that the driver will send us for dinner before driving us back to the hotel for the night, but this was not the case as the driver sent us to the hotel before dinner and knocks off for the day.  We are fine with it as we understand that there is a time limit for the driver's working hour.  However, it is better not to put that in the schedule for your future planning if the driver cannot do it, in case other travellers may not be agreeable.

All in all, we are very happy with the planning and service and will surely recommend your service to others, as it's all thanks to your attention to detail that help ensure we came home with beautiful memories of our trip to Switzerland.

Thank you, Deepika.

Warm regards,


-Ms. May May Chew and Family - Malaysia

 April 2019

Good morning Andrea,

I am very sorry for the delayed reply, but I had been off sick. On behalf of Paul and I, we would just like to say a big THANK YOU for organising our trip. We truly had the most amazing time. It is a wonderful country. Every little detail you had provided us was so helpful. Especially, the train times they were so handy to have. All the hotels provided were at an excellent location and so close to the train station. Again, we would just like to thank you for all the hard work you put into making the itinerary. I will definitely be recommending Swiss Voyages to my friends. I will send you on some photos when I get a chance.

Thanks again,


-MS. Ellanna Hackett - Ireland

 March 2019

Hello Andrea

We had a great time in Switzerland! Thank you for arrangements and all your hard work!! Both the hotels were very good, we are glad breakfast was included!!

Thank you


-MS. Leena Vikram Pripathi - United States of America

 October 2018

Dear Deepika

I have already safely arrived in New York.  However, my mind is still in beautiful Switzerland.

I did share my experience with my friends and colleagues.  Everybody is so impressed by my journey description and photos.  They are planning a similar trip and I will certainly come back to do an all hiking trip next year.

I would also like you to arrange and design for me, because the 11 day best Swiss trip you arranged and designed for me is very scientific and easy to understand and follow.  I never had any trouble in taking trains and finding hotels.

The hotels in the journey are close by to train stations and major sightseeing.  I am impressed by their cleanliness and  friendliness.  I was also stunned by the punctuality of Switzerland trains!  The Swiss rain combio ticket brought me to my destinations without any problems.

Thanks again for the wonderful Swiss experience that I will never forget!

-MS. Sherry Shao - United States of America

 August 2018

Hello Andrea

We had a great time in Switzerland! Thank you for arrangements and all your hard work!! Both the hotels were very good, we are glad breakfast was included!!

Thank you


-MS. Leena Vikram Pripathi - United States of America

 October 2018

Dear Andrea,

Hope this finds you well. My apologies for not being able to share the feedback and some pics. I have been very busy after our vacation to Italy and Switzerland.

Life takes its own roller coaster ride sometimes and I am sure you can empathize with that. Please see below our feedback (collective from me and Puja) and a few shots taken.

1) Over the past 5 years my Wife and I have traveled over 15 countries in North America, Europe and Asia including our home country United States. We have joined many back packing tours, done a lot of self planned tours. Swissvoyages is pretty unique in the sense that they leverage the digital platform while still supporting the personal touch when you need it and where you need it. Our tour guide Andrea who we never met in person was always available to answer questions, help guiding us on the tour including concerns that fall out of scope of the actual itinerary. This is key when you travel a new country and its always nice to get that support.

2) The itinerary via swissvoyages are cost effective. We were able to also travel to a lot of places that did not fall within the itinerary. The package leaves you with plenty of spare time for you to do your own planning which is great for a young couple like us where we did not want to confine ourselves within a specific routine/schedule.

3) Overall, our experience has been very satisfactory. Andrea , you rock !



MR. Avik Ganguly - United States of America

 June 2018

Hi Deepika,


We had enjoyed our trip completely.

Initially there were lot of questions but with your help we had smoothly. Importer vacation.

Overall it was really a great experience. But weather at some places was not good so couldn't enjoyed the view as expected but that is what nature is.

Glacier Express is good Experience. The Hotels were really close to station and convenient. Hotels were also go good quality and also offered us coupons for location travel that saved quite a few CHF at Lucerne, Interlaken.

The only thing me and wife had felt that, Rooms in all hotel has no view due to its presence in main city. This is ok for Lucerne, Interlaken. But Zermatt and St Moritz , it would have been heaven if we would have got room with good view. St Moritz room was literally no view and window was above shoulder. Since we were hurry in exploring city when we checked in, we just rushed kept luggage and leave room.

Not sure if we have had asked for another room with good view we might have got it.

So what I am saying, when we booked it was misconceptions that we will be getting hotel room atleast airy , room we of in Zermatt was Awesome.

Having said that, this is really a nice trip and was made very easy with your planning. it's a true self guided Tour.



-Murlidhar Bharambe - Sweden

 June 2018

Dear Deepika

Our Swiss Grand Alpine Tour with Glacier Express was awsome!. The attention and professionalism of the driver and the guide were perfect. They are very nice and cultured people, always trying to help. The hotels are very beautiful and cozy, and the included meals were delicious. The views simply spectacular. This is one of our best trips. I recommend 100% Swissvoyages. I have the best attention from Deepika as she helped me since the first mail I sent to the last one. Thank you very much for everything and Congratulations! You have a gorgeous country!

Best wishes,
Jackie Saldana

-Ms Dolores Jacqueline Saldana Lara - Mexico

May 2018

Dear Audrea,  (actually Andrea..)

My wife and I really have a great time in Switzerland, we enjoy so much especially the scenery and panorama view of Pilatus and Jungfruajoch .

I will definitely recommend friends who wish to visit Switzerland to go for this trip.
The train pass was easy to use and very useful.

Thank You


-Chua Teck Lee - Singapore

 April 2018

Dear Sonal,

We had a great time in Swiss during our holidays. Everything was done as per the schedule except  few things.

  • We couldn’t make Ice Flyer at Mt.Titlis  ( They said no due to bad weather ) and Titlis Cliff Walk
  • And also we couldn’t have much info to explore at Grindelwald activities and cliff walk as well.  And also stop over time was very limited.

The first day tour Guide ( Forgotten  his Name) for Zurich city tour was excellent. Rest all pick up and drop off vehicles and drivers were also  very nice.

We will share our group pic soon and also give your reference if  any of our friends or colleague are interested to visit there.

Thanks &  Regards

Rajesh Menon

-Rajesh Kizhiyedath Kanakkasseri- United Arab Emirates

 April 2018

Yeah, Sonal,

All have been so good during the first day that I go to Matahorn but on the later day when I go to the interlaken Ost, it ius raining all day and I think it would be better if I was there without raining, probably I have to come again when the summer time then.

-Nuttakit Luengwitayakorn - Australia

 March 2018

Dear Andrea,

Thanks for your email.

Thanks for all the arrangement for us as well. We had fun throughout the entire journey.
The good thing is that all the tickets were sorted out and arranged in manner so we have less issues on getting the tickets a some of them need a pre-booking in order to get the seats, however some of the train ticketing officer on-board is somehow giving us issues by saying that we got the wrong tickets and we need to pay extra for full fares and so, but due to communication issues, he just leave us as it is. I can say that the hotels were all arranged and location were mostly pretty good, this is one plus point!

One only inconvenience is that some of the day trip/ entry tickets does not have a clear info of the meeting point and representative/ company name, so we actually took quite some time to solve this by asking around as most of them doesn’t know which company does the tickets belongs to, luckily managed to find the booth an the driver was informed and return to the pick up point to pick us up.

Overall, we got ourselves a pleasant trip with the good help of Andrea. One big thank you for you Andrea, we hope that we’ll come back real soon!

Warmest Regards,

-See Sook Yeng - Singapore

March 2018

Dear Ms. Deepika

As mentioned, we both really enjoyed the trip both in Germany (Stuttgart) and in Switzerland. We wish to thank you for a very well organized, unguided tour. The hotels in Stuttgart, and at Interlaken and Luzern, were excellent. We truly enjoyed our stay and trip in these wonderful places.Thank you once again for all your kind help, your continuous follow up and messages, to make sure that we are following the trip as per plan.

-KuttyKandy Devraj - Bahrain

February 2018

Hello Andrea,

We enjoyed our time in Switzerland immensely.  Each of the three towns we visited were unique and different from one another.  All just lovely and fun to walk around.  The excursions were great and we were fortunate to have clear weather on all 3 of them.  The hotels were fine-my favorite was probably the one in Zermatt as far as the room size and view.  The hotel in Lucerne with the very close proximity to the train was great too, as far as convenience.  The rail pass was very convenient and all of the Swiss Railway employees are very helpful and informative whenever we had a question.

If we had any complaint or suggestion, it would be that sometimes just a little more explanation from your company would have helped tremendously.  We have traveled extensively on our own and on a few organized tours throughout Europe and Ireland.  This was our first experience with a self-guided tour.  For example, on the day we were going to Gornergrat from Zermatt, we did not realize until we arrived there that the Gonergrat train station was directly across the street from the Zermatt station.  It was confusing to be told to take the voucher to the Gornergrat station when that was our destination.  Had we known earlier that the two stations were in Zermatt, it would have saved some unnecessary questions.  Again, just an additional sentence/description would have helped.

Overall, the trip was great. The scenery and timeliness of the train system was awesome.

Thank you,

-Mary Ann Evanoff- United States of America

 January 2018

Ms Andrea,

This morning we are back in Singapore , many thanks to you that give us such wonderful time in Switzerland.,The train is good,the Hotel is nice the weather is cold but nice.

Many Thanks


-Dennis Phang - Singapore

 November 2017

Dear Deepika

We have as of today come the end of our travel and have departed beautiful and friendly Switzerland!

Thank you for the well planned itinerary and recommendation of places for sightseeing. We have had much fun and a fantastic experience traveling Switzerland by rail. The hotels selected were great and some do provide good breakfast. We loved the rail travel and it has indeed been an enriching experience passing the mountains, the villages and the road that many travel agents won’t bring us.

Last but least, I am appreciative of your time and effort in attending to our needs and your presence plays an important part in our level of confidence in navigating the city.

Thanks and we hope be back for more next winter.

-Sim Lee Huang - Singapore

November 2017

Hello there Ms Andrea: We didn't have any problem with the train .Your instructions of which platform to take & diagram of the location of the hotels was very helpful. The Greet & meet was very helpful. I think you will want to recommend the greet & meet to your future customers because without her, the ticket person at SBB was not a very good with English. Continue what you are doing.

Thank you again, we had a wonderful experience. Jungfrau was windy & white out at the station. The Mt Titles, we walk the suspension bridge & no problem. The hotels were good & very close to the station. Thanks

-Vilma Helmer - United States of America

October 2017

Hi Andrea!

The tour was brilliant! Very well arranged and covers all the places perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Driver Amiel and Tour guide Micheal were very professional and took us to places with spectacular views for us to see even if it was out of the way. The selection of hotels was great as well. I would recommend to also advise on the nearby halal restaurants that are available for people to eat from. I enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks for everything Andrea!!


-Aeisha Ahmed - United Arab Emirates

September 2017

Good morning Mr. Sunil,

I has been a while since our last communication.

It is better late than never, and in that sense we would like to sincerly thank you personally, your company and the great staff for the wnderfull and memorial time we had during our trip this summer. The comments I get by members of our family whenever we remember this trip is "it was a great trip".

Definitely we will recommend your company to any friend in the future. And how knows, maybe we will visit Switzerland again!!

Kind Regards

Khaled Noeman

-Khaled Ahmed Noeman, United Arab Emirates

July 2017

Dear Andrea,

I thought of writing to you earlier but got tied up after returning home.

Thank you so much for arranging the trip. All hotels were very well located. We had a real vacation !

God bless you.

Regards and good wishes.

-Ayesha Chaudhury - India

July 2017

"Swiss was our first choice when we wanted to plan our trip to Europe. We were not comfortable with commercialized group tour packages and preferred to have options to explore by our selves. Time was a big constrain for us to chart the bookings and select the hotels with convenience and access to transport.

We found Swiss voyage with professional service to help us to have the best days in Swiss. Our travel timings and bookings were so convenient and the selected hotels were classy. We always had an upgraded rooms and they were easily accessible.

Swiss voyage helped to me to make my family comfortable during the whole of the trip and that made me relaxed and enjoyable "

-Sabu Thomas Mampilly & Family - United Arab Emirates

June 2017

Andrea  we absolutely fell in love with your country .   I would like to thank you for organizing a spectacular trip for us overall we had a fantastic experience the schedule worked very well and as you said train travel in Switzerland is quite easy your country is very clean and beautiful.

Hotels were all very adequate we loved Zermat I would say the staff at the Bristol hotel was not as friendly as others the Swiss hotel in Zürich was wonderful buffet excellent and the pool of course spectacular .   Or least favourite was the coach ride as we really enjoyed the train trips the best .   In terms of the overall schedule in hindsight I would've like to have a second night in Legado to explore that city further .

Thanks again

 -Lynda Clayton – Canada

April 2017

Hi Andrea

Just arrived home and would like to thank you very much for well organized trip, my family and I had wonderful time and stayed in nice hotels.

My only remark is that perhaps it was a bit too much to visit the 3 snow mountains within 6 days of our stay in Switzerland. All the mountain trips were excellent and different from each other but it was a little tiring for a family with some young children.

All in all it was very successful trip and would like to sincerely thank you for the planing and organization. I would definitely come back to you should I plan to visit Switzerland again.

With best regards


-Hamad - Oman

August 2017

Dear Nitin,

We reached Riyadh today.

Thank you for all your assistance during our entire trip. I never imagined that the trip will be so pleasant and trouble free. All this happened due to your excellent itinerary. Everything was perfect, but I want to mention that the best part was hotel selection. I never had to ask for the hotel location, the hotels were so easily accessible.

Thanks again!

-Anand - Saudi Arabia

September 2016

Hi Nitin,

Hope you are doing well. I am attaching my review below and a photograph from the tour in the mail.

Our Best of Switzerland 10 nights 11 days rail tour was a wonderful experience. Traveling through 8 places in the best available trains, buses, boat cruise and cable car, we got to really experience the best of what Switzerland has to offer. A truely memorable experience for us to cherish for a long time. Swiss Voyages provided us a well planned detailed itinerary which we followed and could travel from one place to another without any hassle. Although I was personally a bit sceptical at the start of the tour, just after a day I realized how well planned and comprehensive the tour was. I would especially like to thank Nitin who was available on call to address any questions we had during the tour and he took great effort to follow up and remind us to be on time on a daily basis. Again, thanks to Swiss Voyages, we had a great time in Switzerland.


-Bikram - United Arab Emirates 

September 2016

"Bollywood Tour of Switzerland"

I did this tour when my sister visited me in zurich,a die hard fan of bollywood and particularly DDLJ.
It was a fantastic 2 day tour in a comfortable big car.we visited gstaad saanen interlaken only the film locations and it was exciting to see our favorite movie spots for real.Our Travel Planner knows bollywood quite well and we were impressed by his knowledge.
A few spots we discovered together.
We have done several tours with Our Travel planner after this and each one has been beautiful.

-Aldrina_C,  Zurich, Switzerland

It was my first visit to Mount Titlis ( Switzerland). Illuminated glacier cave, revolving cable car and amazing view of alps from suspension bridge was a mémorable experience for me. I was Lucky enough that I visited such a beautiful place with Our Travel Planner from Swiss Voyages. Professional services, good communication skill , knowledge about Switzerland, Europe and Buddhism was amazing. We visited to Mount Titlis in a comfortable car and whole of the sight seeing was welmanaged. In short that was a fantastic tour where all the aspect of sightseeing were perfectly taken care of. It was nice to have photo with Shaharuk Khan and Kajole.

-Sandeep Shukla,  Paris, France

“Mount Rigi”

We had a great day tour to Mount Rigi with Brigitte from Erwin Tours. Everything worked very well with sunshine above the clouds to give the icing on the cake for a fun day out from Zurich.

-Sue H Nottingham,  United Kingdom

Zurich Extended City Tour - excellent . Guide Antje was the best!!

Tour to Luzern – Wonderful! The Lion´s Monument is surely one of the most beautiful in the world! Excelent guide, who also speaks Portuguese.

-MARIA A , Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Our Travel Planner is Great! Nonstop fun, history, inside stories, well planned and delightful. We had great weather for the last day in January. Our holiday planner is the best!! Told us all we needed to know which allowed us the flexibility to do what we wanted or were capable of. Take this tour or go to Pilatus Mountain, just to hear Marcel! A trip I won't soon forget. Bringing my entire family next time. Everyone on the tour was friendly and alert.

-billdmcgovern Mentor, Ohio

Really enjoyed this experience last Sunday when a friend visiting Zurich for the first time experienced an informative guided tour; our experienced guide, Fernando, brought us through the city by coach, allowed some time to see the sights via road, ferry, cable car, walked through snow, took time to have a coffee and back again! Great fun through different weather conditions and was personally glad to get home safely! I'm no expert with snowy conditions but our guide was a great support and I would heartily recommend this 4.5 hours - great value, great fun!

-SANDRA D, Zurich, switzerland

Swiss Voyages planned my 17 day trip to Switzerland. I am very happy I went to them.My wife and I found the whole Swiss experience the best holiday we have ever had.The credit for this goes to Swiss Voyages. They planned our trip to the last detail,gave us valuable suggestions, explained the alternatives, and ensured that we were well prepared before we left India. Of course, our trip went without a hitch and that was the main reason why we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

-Mehernosh & Freny Dordi

Hi, before I say anything, I must compliment your website on being simple and easy to navigate.
We just finished our trip. It was indeed a memorable one. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and guidance. Everything went perfectly well.

-Stanley Sudhakaran

We came back from Switzerland. Had a great trip !! Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart... Thanks for guiding us through... Followed the itinerary given by you and managed to do everything without any problem...

Thanks again!!

-Leena Pattanaik

I just wanted to make you aware that I enjoyed my trip to Switzerland. The scenery was dramatic. The places i visited were excellent Brig Zermat and Klosters. The train journeys were magical.  I have visited other places with you as you are aware . I was very happy with the tour guide with her knowledge and customer care.

-Norah Ennis