Jura Route

Itinerary :

Day 1:  Basel - Ajoie (Miécourt, Porrentruy) 52 km
This is a cross border tour; firstly with neighbouring France, and then within 30 kilometers it crosses over 5 cantonal borders! Fertile soil with fruit and vegetable growing OVERVIEW is the Leimental while the ride along the wooded River Lützel can only be described as romantic.

Day 2:  Ajoie - Saignelégier 48 km
Get to know the Ajoie region a little before heading off on your first climb of the day followed by an exhilarating ride down into the Doubs Valley and St. Ursanne.

Day 3:  Saignelégier - Couvet 70 km
Horse breeding is the order of the day in this region. Wherever you look, both in winter and summer, you‘ll see masses of brown Freiberg horses grazing in the vast open meadows scattered with gigantic pine trees. A gentle climb up to the Mont Soleil vantage point before heading down into the checkerboard pattern of streets in the watchmaking town of La Chaux-de-Fonds is still in store before you reach the distinctive charm of the high moorland around Les Pont-de-Martel.

Day 4:  Couvet - Ste-Croix 26 km
A nice level start to the day through delightful Val-de-Travers before being confronted with a number of challenging climbs. The first can be completed the easy way by taking the chairlift from Buttes. Highlight of the day is the «balcony of the Jura» – a breathtaking panoramic trail high over the plains of Switzerland and in view of the snowcovered peaks of the Alps.

Day 5:  Ste-Croix - Va llée de Joux (Le Brasus, L‘ABBAYE, LE SENTIER) 52 km
Today a panoramic stretch awaits you – peppered with sweeping descents, maybe a visit to the Vallorbe caves and a final climb up to the magical Lac de Joux. The climb can also be avoided by taking the train from Vallorbe up to Lac de Joux.

Day 6:  Va llée de Joux - Nyon (PRANGINS / DUILLIER) 46 km
Lac de Joux and the surrounding «jungle» of Grand Risoux is a jewel in the crown as far as Jura scenery goes. And then it‘s onward and upward again; A 300 meter high gain towards Col du Marchairuz where the ride through the lonely high moorland restores your soul and fills you with indelible impressions. The ride down from 1280 meters above sea level to Lake Geneva is pure joy!

Day 7:  Nyon - Genève 25 km
The pretty little town and promenade along the town walls in Nyon, the varied route across fields, through villages and vineyards and finally the end destination in the international metropolis of Geneva make up the highlights of this final stage.