Zurich – Montreux

Itinerary :

Day 1: Arrival in Zurich
Accommodation in a hotel close to the airport and located right on the Cycling Switzerland Mittelland-Route.

Day 2: Zurich - Schönenwerd 62 km

The view of plans landing and taking off, the Katzensee, Baden, the Reuss valley, Windisch with its roman amphitheatre and the course of the Aare with historic and modern settlements will be your companions today.

Day 3: Schönenwerd - Solothurn / Ramada 50 km
The course of the River Aare through the Mittelland region is tamed, no doubt, along certain sections, but the route also passes through river bank areas with unspoilt nature, rich in birds and flora. The historic core of the cities of Aarau, Olten, Wangen are worth visiting.

Day 4: Solothurn - Murten
The absolutely flat «Grosse Moos», formerly marshland, is the vegetable patch of Switzerland today. Serene is the view from the walls of the city of Murten across the lake and the vineyards, to Mont Vully.

Day 5: Murten - Yverdon
Avenches: The little city perched above a hill over the Broye plain is alive with cultural activities in the summer months: Opera festivals, rock concerts and the Musical Parade are held at the Roman amphitheatre, and the festival of the armies from all over Europe. The route passes past the Neuenburgersee and through the natural park of the Grande Cariçaie to Yverdon-les-Bains.

Day 6: Yverdon - Lausanne / Morges 53 km
Orbe is accessed over a flat trail through Switzerland’s Granary. The route along Lake Geneva passes through the valley of the Venoge and numerous forts and castles bear  testimony to the past.

Day 7: Lausanne - Montreux / Riviera
The ride along the «Swiss Riviera» passes through hills covered with vineyards in the World Heritage Site of Lavaux and along Lake Geneva to Vevey and Montreux, where the world famous jazz festival takes place in June and July each year.

DAY 8:
Return journey from Montreux.